Agymah Coujoe aka. Alex Ross

Undead Voodooist looking for answers and his place


General Impression

Agymah is strange mix of voodoo-priest and soldier without country.

Agymah isn’t tallest of the bunch, but he carries himself well. His posture is strong like that of a soldier’s, but he instinctively keeps his head down, like covering something on his neck. His eyes are strangely green, weariness and years of experience showing in them… only to be replaced by confidence and fire when he springs to action. When he speaks his voice is strong and confident as if speaking for some greater authority, but when his past comes up, remorse and uncertainty can be sensed. Compaired to major of black population from confederation, Agymah seems to be well educated in writing and English.

For all secrets he seems to keep and unnerving knowledge of his undead nature and powerful spiritual powers, his companions know that they can trust in him, no matter what. He is quick to run to help those who have injured and tries to keep peace withing his companions. When needed he is ready to do hard decisions and carry their weight, although he has a bad habit of blaming himself for all past failures.

Agility d8
Smarts d10
Spirit d12
Strenght d6
Vigor d10
Charisma 0
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 6
Toughness 7
Grit 5
Weight Slots: 3
Dominion 0
Shootin’ d6
Fightin’ d8
Ridin’ d4
Stealth d4
Healing d4
Survival d4
Knowledge: Occult d6
Knowledge: Battle d8
Guts d6
Intimidation d6
Persuation d4
Faith: Voodoo d12+4
PHOBIA: depth (Major)
-After Agymah’s second death he has became even more sensitive to loa and hunting grounds, but deep waters and depth gives him sense of sinking… like he sank to his death at Fellheimer’s Folly. When looking to depths Agymah easily forgets himself to his thoughts.
LOYAL (Minor)
-Agymah takes responsibility of his choices and actions, even too much for his own good. He appreciates his companions lives and doesn’t want to let anyone down.
-Rash decicions killed Agymah twice and almost let the Reckoners keep Lost Angeles. Agymah doesn’t want that to happen again. Agymah likes to plan his and posse’s moves and doesn’t want to risk failing on their mission. (Sometimes he might be a bit invasive when bigger picture is considered, like spying on others.)

Arcane Background: Blessed; Voodoo, VotWW: Forsaken, Conviction, Professional (Faith), Expert (Faith)
To redeem himself, Agymah has given his body to be a tool for the spirits, who do not see Alex worthy, but his cause. Therefore he is a powerful voodoist when effecting others, but spirits haven’t forgotten his abusive use of power and Alex doesn’t wish to contact spirits that helped him bring down the family of Ross anymore. After his second death he has became more sensitive to Loas and he has regained his connection to one of strongest loa, Papa Ghede, making him one of the strongest voodooists in West.
HARROWED: Unnatural attribute: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Vigor, Implacable
It seems that flood that destroyed Lost Angels, put Agymah’s body together after sharks ate him, removing all strain, wounds and misuse that it had suffered during his life. His mind and soul were tortured for endless times, but he didn’t break and now his mind is stronger than ever.
Quick draw, Marksman, Killer Instinct
Before flood Agymah was one of Texas Rangers and a survivor. He learned to handle guns, lawbreakers and riots on his years as a lone star. His mind always tries to find something to get upper hand and prevail.
When fighting church of Lost Angels, Agymah had to patch his companions back to health with both voodoo and natural means, giving him better understanding for wounds and treating them.
Jack of all trades
When Agymah learned to write, he wrote everything down to train his writing. This habit hasn’t left him, combined with his interest to better himself has made him quick to learn and adapt in new situations.
Command, Tactician
Agymah has background on both Confederation army and Texas Rangers that teached him taking control over situations. This proved useful on operation L.A. as many times he found himself leading battles against larger forces. Even with mixed results, his leadership has grown firmer and his tactics better.
Sidekick:Juan Vargas
Agymah’s fight against reckoners and helpful nature have brought him many trustworthy companions, some more eager than others..



Agymah lived his young life in slavery, but as his owners pushed him too far he changed from humble servant to leader of revolution in their little town. Being sensitive to loas he had became powerful voodooist and used his powers to lead others and strike down those who kept them down… but doing so, he scared the one person who got him to appreaceate his freedom. Agymah couldn’t live in this situation he had created and ran to join the army… confederate army. He took the name of Alex Ross and set to change confederations opinion on black population from inside.

After a decade of work he had become a Texas Ranger. Austin sent him to support Twilight legion on bringing down the church of Lost Angels. This became an obsession to Agymah and fight against Lost Angels changed him. On lowest point of his crisis of faith he come across vengeful indian spirit Hasteli. That is the first time he died. He was beheaded away from his friends and left as warning. But his patron spirit, Papa Ghede saw that there were more to do. They struck a deal and Agymah accepted his damnation in afterlife for chance to finish his quest.

Still his isn’t a tale of victory. Be it a whim of destiny, or sick sense of humor of his patrons, nature catched up to him quickly… and as he died for second time, it wasn’t great battle against evil. It wasn’t old sins coming for him. It wasn’t anything he feared. Nature took him, great white sharks gnawing his rotten body, far away from cathedral he had sworn to bring down. And once again, Agymah fell to abyss. That should have been the end.

But as the flood destroyed the nest of evil that was church of Lost Angels, three bodies washed up to shore, all of them thought to be dead. As Agymah opened his eyes he expected to see worst corner of afterlife, but again he was sent back to earth… to witness that his role at bringing down Grimme was insignificant and that his old life as Alex Ross had literally ended fighting the good fight. Agymah wasn’t sure if this was a releave or a curse.

Agymah is driven by questions. Is he cursed to witness failures and consequences of his doings or was he sent back as an gift: Able to live a life he never chose to truly live. Driven by these questions and his promise to Sinfall, he heads for Clover Mesa to find answers, as it is the only thing becides his companions that flood didn’t destroy.

The Worst Nightmare

Agymah feares himself and losing control. There is anger and rage hidden withing him, that has once already burst to flames destroying everything that stood before him.

He also fears that his choices and actions prove to help reckoners.

Agymah also fears abandoment and loneliness.

Agymah Coujoe aka. Alex Ross

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