Gao Lin

A young martial artist who was held prisoner by the Church of Lost Angels


Agility d10
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strength d10
Vigor d8

Charisma 0 (-2)
Pace 8
Running die d10
Parry 8
Toughness 6
Grit 5
Weight Slots 5
Dominion -
Power Points 20

Fighting d12
Chi power: Smite (Fury of the Fire Dragon) d6
Chi power: Armor (Scales of the Earth Dragon) d6
Chi power: Damage field (Embrace of the Storm Dragon) d4
Chi power: Fly (Dance of the Wind Dragon) d4
Knowledge: English d6
Guts d6
Notice d4
Streetwise d4

The Cup Overflows (major)
Gao’s chi manifests itself as a blue, flame-like aura that envelops him. It’s like a wildfire; unpredictable, reckless and potentially dangerous to himself and others around him. When he uses a chi power, his aura lights up like a fireworks display. This has led him to dangerous situations more than once in the past.

Quirk: Short tempered (minor)
Despite all his training, the masters of Shaolin never managed to get rid of Gao’s foul temper which, like his chi aura, has caused him a cartload of troubles. Gao has a sneaking suspicion that his ill-temper might be the reason why he sometimes lights up like a bonfire. His temper also led him to break his vows of pacifism on several occasions, ultimately leading Gao to forsake the vow entirely.

Outsider (minor)
Being a Chinese in the West isn’t always easy, especially in Gao’s case. But lucky for him, the Maze has some Chinese settlements of considerable size.

Arcane Background: Chi Mastery, Martial Arts, Brawler, (Improved) First Strike, (Improved) Frenzy, Movement of the Serpent, Superior Kung-Fu: Shaolin Temple, Celestial Kung-Fu: Shaolin Temple, Fleet Footed, Martial Arts Master
Gao has trained to be a martial artist since he was a child so he has learned many skills and techniques. Some of them he picked up while he was a student in the Shaolin Temple and some he learned on his own during his travels in the West.

Sheer bullheadedness often serves Gao well, pushing him through difficult and dangerous situations.

Attributes, Skills
Although Gao is no longer a student in the Shaolin Temple, he still hones his skills and body regularly.

0 Martial Arts
0 Arcane Background: Chi Mastery
5 Attribute: Strength d8
10 Superior Kung-Fu: Shaolin Temple
15 Brawler
20 Attribute: Spirit d8
25 Fleet Footed
30 First Strike
35 Elan
40 Attribute: Agility d10
45 Frenzy
50 Celestial Kung-Fu: Shaolin Temple
55 Improved First Strike
60 Attribute: Vigor d8
65 Skills: Fighting d12
70 Movement of the Serpent
75 Improved Frenzy
80 Attribute: Strength d10
90 Martial Arts Master
100 Chi power: Damage field
110 Chi power: Fly

Fury of the Fire Dragon (Smite)
Power Points: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Effect: +2 to damage, +4 on raise. Chance to light flammable objects on fire.
Although dragons in Chinese mythology commonly represent water, fire suits Gao’s wild chi better. When used, Gao’s fists and forearms become enveloped in magical flames.

Scales of the Earth Dragon (Armor)
Power Points: 4
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Effect: +2 armor, +4 on raise. Also grants the monstrous ability Hardy for the duration of the power.
Gao’s skin turns briefly into grey scales and then back to normal. When touched, the skin feels like the surface of a stone.

Embrace of the Storm Dragon (Damage field)
Power Points: 4
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (2/round)
Effect: Damage field creates an effect around a character that deals 2d6 damage (2d8 when cast with raise) to anyone who contacts them in close combat. If a character with a damage field strikes someone in unarmed combat, the target takes the field’s damage plus the character’s Strength die (Str+2d6). The character may also simply touch the opponent (+2 to Fighting) and do the field’s damage only.
The air around Gao begins to crackle with electricity and soon arcs of lightning start to dance around his body.

Dance of the Wind Dragon (Fly)
Power Points: 3/6
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Effect: This power allows a character to fly at his basic Pace, with a Climb rate of half that number. He may choose to double his Pace by spending twice the number of Power Points.
Gao’s aura flares up and he can now leap effortlessly over remarkable distances.


General Impression
Gao Lin is a young Chinese man with short black hair, brown eyes, a wiry body and stands about 5 ’ 8 ‘’ tall. His English is pretty good, but has a heavy Chinese accent. Despite his young age, it’s quite obvious that he has been through a lot recently as several scars mark his body, the most notable of them is an old gunshot wound in the chest. While he might come off as somewhat rude, impatient, stubborn and hotheaded, Gao is loyal to his friends and to those he trusts. He is proud of his prowess as a martial artist and isn’t afraid to show it off, though this often leads to trouble. It also seems that the exorcism Grimme performed on him had some unforeseen consequences as some of Gao’s memories from while he was a Harrowed seem hazy at best.

Gao Lin was born 16th of June, 1856 in a small village called Yangzi near the city of Xianggang. Both his parents died soon after he was born and Gao was sent to an orphanage. After few years in the orphanage, Gao left and lived on the streets until a monk named Cheng Long took him to the Southern Shaolin Temple in the province of Guanxi. There he learned the secrets of the Southern Dragon Kung Fu and various other techniques, like chi control and manipulation. He was also taught how to read, write and speak English by a traveller who was staying at the temple. This was all just calm before the storm, however. In 1876, the Imperial army burned down the temple and killed most of it’s residents. Gao and a handful of other students managed to escape to America. For a few years, he lived among the Chinese immigrants of Salt Lake City. During this time, Gao began to wonder if the men that burned the temple were really members of the Imperial army or simply mercenaries masquerading as the army. Something didn’t feel right about the whole thing. Why would the emperor order a secluded temple monastery to be destroyed and it’s inhabitants slaughtered?

Gao’s relatively peaceful life in Salt Lake City was disturbed when he heard a rumor about another surviving student living in a small town of Cedar City. And so, in the winter of 1879, Gao boarded a train heading there. However he never arrived to his destination as he got dragged into an event that would shake the West to it’s very core. He was recruited by the Twilight Legion to topple the Church of Lost Angels and to get rid of it’s leader, the cannibalistic reverend Ezekiah Grimme. These events led to Gao’s death, his return as a Harrowed and him joining the 37th Chamber as an intiate. Later, Gao would be imprisoned by the Church when he hurled himself and reverend Grimme out of a clock tower in Lost Angels.

He spent months inside the walls of an island prison called the Rock. Some time later, Gao was brought to the Cathedral of Lost Angels as a demon for Grimme to exorcise. Grimme did indeed exorcise something and that something was the manitou hiding in Gao’s undead head. Somehow this brought Gao back to the land of the living. Now that he was no longer a Harrowed, Grimme and his Elders decided to serve him as the main course in their feast. Luckily for Gao, he avoided this grim fate when a flood triggered by an ancient Indian ritual, performed by a posse of heroes, destroyed the city and killed Grimme. Now freed both from the Rock and from the curse of undeath, fate has dealt a new hand for Gao and this one isn’t much better than the last one…

Worst Nightmare
Gao’s worst fear is getting imprisoned again. Dumped into some cold, dark cell in chains, making him powerless to protect anyone or anything.

Gao Lin

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