The Tale of Clover Mesa

During the battle of Lost Angels, a catastrophic earthquake tore Clover Mesa into four parts and revealed a motherlode of ghost rock at its center.

Now everyone from Kang’s triad to the Union to the Wasatch Rail Co. are after its riches, and they’ll do whatever it takes to seize them. But Clover Mesa wasn’t always an object of desire. It used to be a dumping ground for the dregs of Maze society, and it was known by a different name back then – Manitou Bluff.

A respected Union officer gone rogue. An outlaw in soldier’s clothes. A mentor to a mad scientist seeking asylum. Two harrowed heroes back from the dead without as much as a scratch on them. Clover Mesa attracts all kinds of anomalies, but take care, amigo, because things aren’t always what they seem… and sometimes death is hiding just around the bend.

Deadlands: Return to Manitou Bluff

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