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Return to Manitou Bluff is an adventure for Legendary Heroes and a direct continuation of The Flood. Characters can either return from that adventure (and will get experience points to 80 if less) or the players can make new characters with 80 experience. Before making characters, please consult The Setting Rules, below.

To get what the life is like on Clover Mesa, please read the supplement Tombstone Epitaph, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Setting Rules
Deadlands has an array of its own Setting Rules, which will be used as written. However, to smooth the gameplay and to adjust to Savage Worlds Deluxe, some new rules will be taking place.

In order to make this Edge work with Fate Chips, it no longer adds +2 to the final result when a Fate Chip is used. Instead, Elan gives +2 to the new result when a Chip is used to reroll a trait roll. If you want to increase the previous total, you’re stuck with Red and Blue Fate Chips.

Simplified Encumbrance
Load Limit is defined in significant items rather than in pounds, but otherwise follows the normal encumbrance rules. A significant item is one that weighs roughly 5-14 pounds, and you can carry a number of such items equal to half your Strength without penalty (i.e., 2 significant items with Strength d4, 3 significant items with Strength d6, etc). The Brawny Edge increases your Load Limit in significant items by 1½ times (rounded up).
[Zadmar, 2014]

Revolvers and other small arms might not seem like they warrant a significant item with their small weight listings, but when combined with a gunbelt, a holster and a bandolier full of bullets, the weight adds up. With a gunbelt, you might even be able to carry two pistols as if they were one significant item!

And sticking it in your pants is just unwieldy and dangerous.

New Edges

Requirements: Veteran, Agent or Texas Ranger
This hombre has been shooting and recruiting supernatural threats longer than most. Agents with Rank start as Grade 2 operatives, while their southern counterparts start as 1st Sergeants with all the usual benefits. What’s more, the loyal servant of his country gets one item on the requisition list (see Deadlands Last Sons) he could have access to with his new rank. Whether he has stolen the item or he has gained it as a reward doesn’t matter, the HQ doesn’t miss it.

Requirements: Heroic, Rank.
As above, but Agents start as Grade 4 and Rangers as Captains. They get a new item as above, but this time it can be anything their superior rank grants access to.

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