Officially a company town called Ore Collection Station #37, this settlement doesn’t have much in the way of ore collecting in the aftermath of the Flood, since the disaster wiped out the majority of the miners in the area.


Since it overlooks the now-quenched ruins of Ghost Town, people got used to calling the town Perdition, because “it’s one step up from Hell.” In the midst of saloons, two newspaper prints, a Miner Market, a church, a telegraph office and much more, The ghost rock storage facility, Ore Collection Station #37, the largest and most imposing building in town, stands unused.

People of Interest
Captain Roderick Pennington-Smythe
John Prosperi
Judith Prosperi

Points of Interest

River of Tears

This river, which leads to the Maze and runs with salt water, was formed in the aftershocks of the Flood. It is said that when Lost Angels was destroyed, Judith Prosperi wept, and where her tears fell the ground split open and a salt river sprang forth.


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