Juan Vargas

Drifter and deserter looking for redemption


“Confidence is ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.”

General Impression

Juan prefers to be outsider and watcher in groups. He fears other see his endless flaws and therefore he doesn’t usually like to talk about himself, but prefers listening and watching how others act. Only times he allows himself to become centre of attention is when he is playing his harmonica and few times his blood boils and anger swallows his fear. These times he is quick to use his observations to his advantage without shame. He knows his physical stature is weak and therefore he tries to use his head to prevail… or escape, as he has done his whole life.

Juan is quite small, with shoulderlong dirty hair and beard. His eyes are big and cold blue and most times they seem like those of an scared deer.His body has suffered from misuse of opium and other drugs and his hand easily starts to shake, that he tries to hide with his mannerisms with hand, like drumming, rubbing them together etc.

Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strenght d4
Vigor d6

Charisma 0
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 5
Toughness 5
Grit 1
Weight Slots: 2
Dominion 0
Power Points: 0

Shootin’ d4
Fightin’ d4
Lockpickin’ d6 + 2
Stealth d8 + 2
Gambling d4
notice d8
repair d6
Streetwise d4
Taunt d6 + 2
Guts d4
Intimidation d6 + 2
Persuation d6
Climbing d6 + 2

YELLOW (major)
Juan isn’t used to facing his fears and although he tries to redeem himself nowdays, he isn’t a brave man in any sense.
VENGEFUL (minor)
Even though Juan is a thief and coward, his blood is bound to boil. He isn’t one to dash headfirst to situations, but plan and observe how to get his payback.
QUIRK: Drug addict (minor)
Juan is trying to leave his opium habit behind, but if faced with opium he is quick to fall again.

0 Linguist
Juan has been observer his whole life: looking for his place, looking for weakness and easy prey in others. He has learned to read people over their words and is quick to understand them even in new language. This also helps him to blend in to crowd.
5 Skills: Lockpicking, stealth
10 Skills: Notice, Repair
15 McGyver
Juan’s father was a wachsmith and pursuer of new science on his last years. When not causing trouble, Juan grew on his father’s workshop around gizmos and trinkets. This has left Juan with a knack for improvising, repairing and building things.
20 Thief
While not a srtong stature of mind or fearsome in gunfights, Juan’s strengths lie in deceit, treachery and will to use these to his advantage
25 Smarts d8 – d10
30 Dirty Fighter
35 Luck
40 Imp. Luck
45 Dynamic Warrior
Juan is quick to adapt to different threats and has suprises in his sleeves to give him much needed edge for survival.
50 Imp. Dirty Fighter
55 Skills: Shooting, Taunt
60 Skills Fighting, Intimidation
65 Strong willed
Juan is master of detecting mental weaknesses on othes as he himself has tried to hide them for so long.
70 Level Headed
Juan is always on his guard, making him quicker to act when need rises
75 Killer Instinct
80 Knack (spirits are yet to deside what kind of help they will offer this drifting soul)
Recently Juan has been under strong influence from spirit world, especially due his association to Agymah Coujoe, strong voodoo priest. As these spirits lost their champion, they kept drifting to look for another vessel on Manitou Bluff, Juan ending up to be their anchor by having some ritual trinkets and mind with thinner barriers than others.


Juan has deserted his family, two armies and his dignity. He has fallen to victim of drugs and lost sight of his own meaning in world. Then the flood hit and only by luck he was leaving town, where he had outlived his welcome, and avoided the watery grave it would have offered. After that he found himself in Perdition and on edge of questions he saw a man that everyone thought was dead, the same man he saw protecting natives when he served under confederation. Texas Ranger that opposed Cchurch of LA, but wasn’t a confederations lapdog. Without even fully knowing why, Juan decided that this man could offer him a direction in his life. Now he follows Agymah Coujoe, also known as Alex Ross.

The Worst Nightmare
Feeling of being trapped
Slow and painful death

Fire on open ground
Drumming sound in rhythm
Entering building without “announcment”

Juan Vargas

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