[WIP] Ace Sinfall a.k.a [Alias here]

Undead gunslinger seeking for revenge


General Impression
Gunslinger with a mean look in his eyes. The air around him stinks like he drank a whiskey distillery and he looks like it too. He does not seem to feel remorse of any kind. Killing a man is the same thing as killing a irritating mosquito. But deep in his eyes a empathic person could see a broken man, doing the only thing he is good at.

Agility d12
Smarts d4
Spirit d12
Strenght d4
Vigor d10

Charisma -8 (bloodthirsty -4, mean -2, ugly -2)
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 6
Toughness 9
Grit 7
Weight Slots: 2
Dominion 0
Power Points: 0

Intimidation d12
Shootin’ d12
Fightin’ d8
Guts d8
Knowledge: Occult d4
Repair d4
Notice d4

Killing is easier. Prisoners are luggage. Shooting people usually shuts them up.

The only escape from reality.

MEAN (minor)
Being nice gets you friends. Friends are people you care about. Caring is a weakness. Solution; keep everyone at a distance.

UGLY (minor)
Some people are born with a face only a mother could love.

0 Spirit d8→d10
5 Elan
10 Quick Draw
15 Rebel Yell
20 Spirit d10→d12
25 Duelist
30 Liquid Courage
35 True Grit
40 Agility d10→d12
45 Reputation
50 Hip-Shooting
55 Intimidation ja shooting d8→d10
60 Vigor d8→d10
65 Marksman
70 Intimidation ja shooting d10→d12
75 Imp. Hip-Shooting
80 Damned
90 Right Hand Of The Devil: Law Of the West
100 No Mercy
110 Behold A Pale Horse
120 Tough As Nails
130 Imp. Tough As Nails
140 Stitchin’
150 Imp. Stitchin


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Traveled a lot in his early years while bounty hunting. Lived in Dead End as a gunsmith. After Albert Rush killed his wife and kid, he has been searching for him to get revenge. While “saving” California from Grimme he died and rose as a harrowed then died again just to be reborn.

Currently has a good lead to Albert’s location.

The Worst Nightmare
Not going to heaven after death, so he could rejoin his family.

[WIP] Ace Sinfall a.k.a [Alias here]

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