Jonathan "Jonah" Reynolds

Former Lt. Colonel in U.S army.


Agility d10
Smarts d10
Spirit d8
Strenght d6
Vigor d6

Charisma 2
Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 5
Toughness 5
Grit 5
Weight Slots: 3
Dominion 0
Power Points: 0

Streetwise: d8 +2
Investigation: d8 +2
Fighting: d10
Shooting: d10
Knowledge: Law d4
Knowledge: Occult d6
Guts: d4
Persuasion: d4

Curious (Major)
There is always something going on. You just need to take closer look of it

Stubborn (Minor)
I’ve been going all kind of stuff so shut up and let’s do it my way

Vengeful (Minor)
Eye for an eye, maybe not today but someday. I’m coming after you!

0 Agi, Smarts d6 →d8
5 Spirit d6 →d8
10 Elan
15 Fighting, shooting d6 →d8
20 Agent
25 Level headed
30 Imp Level headed
35 Smarts d8 →d10
40 Rank
45 Jack Of all Trades
50 Quick Draw
55 Agility d8 →d10
60 Superior Rank
65 Investigator
70 Fighting, Shooting d8 →d10
75 Alertness
80 Charismatic


Jonathan "Jonah" Reynolds

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