Albert Rush

Ruthless co-leader of the Bloodhunters


A bloodthirsty outlaw in his late-30’s, who is known as the head of the notorious Bloodhunters gang. His trademark weapon is a beautifully crafted sixshooter called Bearclaw, which is easily recognized by its bearskin-clad handle. The gunsmith of this weapon is unknown.


Albert Rush has been associated with the Bloodhunters since he was very young. His latest known location was in Kansas with his gang, according to the departed Texas Ranger, Alex Ross.

The Bloodhunters

The Bloodhunters is one of the most notorious outlaw gangs in the Weird West. The earliest reports of the gang pinpoint their start in the early 1840’s, but they didn’t become a public menace until the 1870’s.

Known crimes:

  • Highway robbery
  • Bank robbery
  • Horse theft
  • Rustling
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Train robbery
  • Murder of Diane and Shirley Sinfall (1874)
  • Burning down of Lake Cascade, Idaho (1872)
  • Carrying a weapon in a no-weapon zone

The Bloodhunters are identified by a blood-red armband they wear. (Note: In addition to this common knowledge, Texas Rangers found out that they have an another, hidden symbol to identify themselves: a tattoo of a bear, red as blood, on their skin.)

Albert Rush

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