Deadlands: Return to Manitou Bluff

The way it all ends.

Manitou Bluff, Population: DEAD!

I’ve been falling, I don’t know how long. This fall feels like it’s not going to end at all. I can’t breath, and pressure against my body is insuperable. Suddenly I hit the ground, more pain, but at least I can breath. Musty air fills my lungs and my maw is crying for food. I get myself on my feet. Gray sky is above me, I see some light on the distance. Go to the light they say, go to the light.

While I walk trough this empty plain, I noticed that my wounds are not there and same time I realize. I’m dead, dead as a rock and now I’m in purgatory, in Hunting grounds like Indians use to say. This is going to be great. When I get closer to the light I can clearly see there is a town, Manitou Bluff, Population: Dead!

Streets are empty, only thing I can hear on the distance is piano playing. When I get closer to it I see Juan Vargas getting closer to me. He is clueless on this situation and I tell him that he is dead too. At the same time I locate the piano, it comes in saloon. I step in and there is more dead fellow like me and Juan. I can smell soup and I run straight to the bar stand. This bartender offers me this slim meat soup, but hunger goes away, I don’t even want to know where they get their meat. While I eat, some guy from upstairs comes down and asks me and Juan to come upstairs to see the Boss.

There we met Boss Callahan, they where trapped in here like us and they have no clue how we get out of here. He told us about this undead army and their leader Bob Trace and they where problem around here. Boss asked us to join his “gang” and we accepted. He gave us a weapons and rooms to get some sleep.

Next day we where just talking about our first “assignment” when Gao Lin entered the Saloon. Quick recap what have happened here and what in the real world. Our “assignment” was to go to telegraph office see if their telegrapher was still alive, they haven’t heard of him for a while. We went there I and was shocked what I saw in there. Two faminate, I though they disappeared during the flood. Juan panicked and started shooting. Gao’s nerves was steel and he killed both of them. We investigate this office and they have tried to reach someone on the other side of the wire. I said I’ll stay here and try to reach someone. Gao and Juan went back to Saloon, I started tapping. "This is Jonah Reynolds stop Anyone there? stop



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