Deadlands: Return to Manitou Bluff

Session recap #5 Two against Union

Monsters from past

Clover mesa

After his companions were sucked into portal, Ace headed for Unions base with Cole. There they were meeted by four men pointing guns at them accomplished by orders to stand down. Ace spitted to ground and shouted that they were to let him in or they would be disposed. Soldiers opened fire. Cole took a careful shot at gatlinggun soldiers had in their positions, disabling the gun, only to get clean shot through his shoulder putting him down.

Ace pressed his attack. Killing two and shouting threaths and curses at men left. Taking couple hits he charged into elevator shack, were one of the soldiers was holed up.

“That was a mistake cocksucker” Ace said as his revolver roared.

What had escaped Sinfalls eye was the preparation that union had done to prevent others to enter their base. A layer of nitro, ready to stop enemy’s advancment by blowing elevator to kindom come. That one stray bullet hit the nitro. Fireball swallowed Ace and elevator both.

Untold time later Ace woke up infront of Colonel Curtis, who pointed Buntline special at Sinfalls head, looking his unknown adversery in the eyes. Sinfall’s body was ravaged, his gunhand, face and both feet blown apart, but still he answered with hateful stare and harsh language. Even though Curtis didn’t get much off from this husk of a man, Ace got a glimpse of his goal.

He saw a man man with clockworkhand, looking at him from the ranks of rogue Union soldiers. A man he could have sweared to recognise.

A man called Frank Rush.

Then Buntline in hand of Curtis fired, bullet tearing through Sinfall’s head before his whole body was disingrated to ashes.


Manitou Bluff

At Manitou Bluff Gao visited Drakes mine only to be disappointed by the mans lack of interest in getting out from there. Gathering Juan and Reynolds, thgey searched the cityhall and mountain east from town. What they found was nightmarish hallusinations and possessed stairwell at cityhall. By the mountain they attracted a Crypt Fiend, creature made from human bones. Good thing that Gao had faced these creatures before and by his orders Juan knew to shoot straight to the chest where the creatures essence lay. The shot shattered the black skull holding this abomination together and it blew to pieces right in front of them.

Mountain showed them nothing but sea, looking like canvas, but no hope at finding a way out from this place. The mystical whirlpool was next in line for investigation.

When nearing the whirlpool a sudden darkness fell over them. They heard a moan and went to investigate. They saw form of a human laying in ground, like sleeping restless sleep.

Form belonging to Ace Sinfall.



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