Deadlands: Return to Manitou Bluff

Session recap # 4 Thin veil between worlds

by Agymah Coujoe/Alex Ross

As we were readying ourselves in our camp close to center of mesa, I found myself afraid of what the day was going to bring. It felt like all of us were destined to die on this mesa, one by one. Monsters from the deep taking Juan, cursed rockformation breaking Reynolds mind and body and pride and hotheadness taking over Gao Lin, who in the end was brought down by magic so powerful I couldn’t understand what I was witnessing through Gao’s mind.

And now we were headed to haunted ruins of Grantsville, one of the most infamous places on Clover Mesa that says a lot as the whole mesa seems to be plagued by Reckoners. I feel that only death and misery lies ahead, but I can’t stop or walk away. Not when things are as bad as here.

I have to try. I have to keep going.

Today we decided to go and try to get in touch with outer world. For that we had to pass “the finger”, the same place that lured Reynolds to his death. As we passed it, our companions took notice of it and started wandering. It seems to play with their minds. Good thing that Ace still has a voice that can freeze man where he is standing. Fingers lure was strong but fear of Sinfall was stronger and we continued onwards.

Grantsville is deserted. It actually suprised me as it lacked the monsters and weirdness that I expected from a ghost town in this mesa. Still we didn’t want to lose more time before getting our hands to telegraph. Their telegraph office had a body that didn’t disingrate, that caught my eye. Why mesa hadn’t devoured him, was it because he had died before reality had started to shake, ior was there another reason? Listening telegraph in there gave us repeating message send by unsure hands saying “help us stop so Hungry stop”. Still it might have been shadow messages from hunting grounds, so we tried to send message to mainland. Searching the town we came up with only box of nitro that we buried next to road also setting couple of charges to help us defend the ruins. As said in Tombstone epitaph, elevator to shore was broken. Searching the city still gave us one clue, a writing on a wall saying: “Beardoctor knows”. Where to find this warrior of Pomo tribe, we still had no clue.

Wondering about the text I thought it better to focus getting contact to outside world. I kept listening the telegraph as darkness came… and then hell broke loose. Most of our posse fled in terror as they saw tombstones growing from earth, changing the ruins to graveyard, reserved for us. As I went outside to investigate, I saw the katedral looming in front of me. I didn’t think, I didn’t question, I just opened the door to meet source of evil and then I saw Grimme, with table full of food, smiling at me… and my mind couldn’t take it as hunger consumed me.

As I came to I saw my own hand red with blood and guts, Ace aiming his revolver at my head. Under me was the body of union soldier, belly torn open, his guts dripping from my hands and mouth. The hunger had finally caught me. Momentarly, but still I knew that I couldn’t fight against it forever. Was this all a nightmare I wasn’t ever going to wake up from. Was this world even real or my own personal hell, testing and torturing my miond with glimpses of hope, devoured by my worst fears and failings.

Real or not, I needed to press on and ignore my doubts. Before we gathered the posse together I and Ace got rid of the body. I tried to tell him about my past sins, my revolution that ended with my people becoming the very thing we hated an fought against. Ace didn’t care and told so to my face. He couldn’t have helped me better even if he was really trying. Past needs to be forgotten, so we can move on and make better tomorrow.
As ruins left our minds alone we received a new message.It was Reynolds, a man dead for two days, contacting us by this phantom line. He, Gao and Juan were trapped. This strenghtened my fear for theory that veil between worlds was fading, being almost nonexistent here in clover mesa.

We needed to find the Beardoctor and fast. Forests were my first guess so we headed there.

As we walked I felt something in the air.

I thought I saw a flash coming from scopes lense, but before I could act I heard something crackling..

And a hole in reality ripped open right before me.

It sucked me in.

I feel I’m falling. I feel I’m drowning.. I feel I’m dying.



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