Deadlands: Return to Manitou Bluff

Session recap # 2 Menacing mesa

by Agymah Coujoe/Alex Ross

Smythe was definetly right, there is more to Clover Mesa than ghost rock and conflict. There is something wrong in here. Or rather everything seems to be wrong here.

One of my companions, Juan Vargas fell fighting creepers that hunted on shores and Little Gibratars docks. As he fell, he disingrated to ash. At the time I thought it was the critters that made it happen, but as next day came, we left to scout Unions base with agent Reynolds.

As we closed in on the center of Clover Mesa we saw Union’s operation. It was full of mechanic cranes, boats and mining equipment like I had never seen before. I saw the Sea Gate, mountain of metal, guns and soldiers. Then I understood why no-one had succeeded in taking down this rogue settlement… but I forgot it all for a moment when I looked the water for a while. The depth of it, darkness waiting for me, shadows growing from water like tentacles trying to reach soldiers. It took me back to the day I sunk to embrace of death.

I felt distracted as we moved towards the elevator that took us to Union’s base. I left men of Explorer’s society and agents to keep eye on Union’s operation as rest of us left for western island to reach elevator leading to Union’s base. Gao and Ace left to inspect rock formation reminding me of finger rising from earth. I stayed as Reynolds backup as he disguised himself as drifter looking for help and started approaching the soldiers.

As their guard were more aggressive and alert than we thought, his capture was close. I had to act and attack the guards. Reynolds got hit badly, but using everything in my arsenal I could get us both out there. But as I fought and buried my knife to guards neck, he disingrated to ashes in his death. Then I understood that this mesa was doing it somehow.

I didn’t have much time to think about it then as we fled to meet Gao and Ace at the “finger”: rock formation rising from the ground. Area close to it was littered by sceletons of animals and men alike. As I talked to Ace and Gao about my discovery, Reynolds started to climb the rock. There was something stange in his gaze, like glare that was driving his forward, but at the time I didn’t linger too much in the fact… until Reynolds came down headfirst from the rock and as he hit the gorund there was only ashes and bones left.

Two days. Two dead. There’s something wrong in here. I think it is the mesa itself. I think it somehow feeds on people dying on it. Devours their bodies, leaving only ashes… I’ve never encountered anything like this…



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